living process terms

The living process terms include all those terms required to extend the living ontology: all control verbs, all human command verbs and many of the list of policy terms.

Participants in open politics itself may only be applying, not extending, the methods, and so may only need to know a list of process terms, list of policy terms and list of all issues. Learn those first. Only when you have a working understanding of them, read this page. You can help maintain the lists of parallel as part of your study:

Since those lists change, this list requires constant updates to track it. Do it! Keep them organized. See also list of process proposals, list of process papers, list of process papers defining and explaining some of these terms in more detail. Any distinctive terms should be extracted from the list of process papers starting with the list of process proposals.

core ontology



doing in writing

doing together

doing in law

doing in parties

doing on the go


  • all human command verbs
    • when someone issues one of these, someone goes somewhere
  • transport (how to get anywhere to do the above)
    • walking
    • biking
    • transit

important to master

Most process term must be at least recognized by most of the participants in any complex process, e.g. Living Platform itself as applied in the Platform 2005 Process and by all Platform 2005 Plank Leaders and Issue Advocates involved in that complex protocol.

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