list of process proposals

A list of process proposals of immediate concern to the Platform 2005 Process committee or GPC Council for immediate review. Some are de facto process reflecting current practices in the Living Platform that have not yet been officially ratified:

de facto (already being implemented)

- the division of policy terms from platform proposals

- TIPAESA - how to handle IPA and wiki meetings

- disciplining external links to fit mostly or only in refer links

- distincting educational refer links from highly credible and authoritative cite links that provide evidence/source/authority and which imply the GPC will defer to that authority if it changes its mind on that issue

- Answering Citizen Questions 2004 - being timely and so on - where is Answering Citizen Questions, 2005 and the position protocol and press release protocol it implies?

proposed but not implemented

- election protocol, position protocol, press protocol

- mark up and mail back - i.e. how to listen to non-geeks and not bias your feedback horrificially via Rank a Plank and Living Platform so badly you forget how real people think

- Breaking a Million votes - an actual strategy, not fatuous propaganda

- Lean Green Machine - green economics of intranets

- Code of Conduct for GPC Council - a Ruleset proposed to replace some provisions of Rules of Order of the Green Party of Canada

subset of process papers

The above are also on the list of process papers. They are separated here in order to make clear which are on the table as current proposals requiring specific support.