list of process papers

A list of process papers: comments and positions relevant to party operations, eat our own dog food, enacting the Living Agenda, moving to a Governance Council, Committee Structures, and GPC protocols. The Platform 2005 Process committee is concerned in general with the matters discussed and should maintain this page.

for process geeks

Those papers which are in effect are noted as such in boldface and are also on the list of process proposals. Unless you are an extreme process geek, you are almost certainly looking instead for that page. Everything on that list is also included here, along with much more comprehensive process backgrounder materials:

If you are an extreme process geek you must already have read Donella Meadows' twelve levers or her original "Places to intervene in a system", the ultimate process paper. Read also her Economic laws clash with the planet's - her last column.

Meadows listed as being of relatively low leverage the constants, parameters, numbers (such as subsidies, taxes, standards i.e. tolerances), size of buffers relative to flows, structure of material stocks and flows, length of delays involved in processes. Thus we do not consider these process concerns but rather as policy issues - dealt with through the position protocol externally and internal governance standards and methods internally. But there are a lot of provisions that apply to all process whether internal or external, and many good examples of applying high leverage in the Living Platform and Living Agenda. In Meadows order of priority we categorize these papers as being generally about:

8. negative feedback loops

- TIPAESA - how to handle IPA and wiki meetings in effect
- refer link - how to handle external links predictably and prevent pointless clicking-around with clear hierarchy, e.g. these links support a list of policy terms which supports a list of platform proposals which supports All Platform Planks
- Answering Citizen Questions 2004 - being timely and preventing erroneous or misleading answers from propagating in effect

7. positive feedback loops

- Fundraising Glossary
- Grassroots Democracy in the Green Party - historical
- blog bad, wiki good - a technology Greens should bypass since it generates hierarchies contrary to the policy hierarchy and supports demagogy
- mark up and mail back - i.e. how to listen to non-geeks and not bias your feedback horrificially via Rank a Plank and Living Platform so badly you forget how real people think

6. information flows

- Risk Management and Decision Making Glossary
- appropriate privacy for political organizations - i.e. little or none, except for confidential sourcing and other journalist rules
- bad page names - which set undesirable positive and negative loops and create their own power relationships
- press protocol
- Outreach Team

5. rules (incentives, punishment, constraints) and rulesets

- Rules of Order of the Green Party of Canada in effect
- Code of Conduct for GPC Council by Sharolyn Vetesse
- ground rules for grassroots democracy from GPO
- Green and Growing by David Scrymgeour
- Committee Structures by Tom Manley
- GPC Fundraising Committee
- Collaboration Ethic
- Play Ethic

4. power to add, change, evolve, or self-organize

- simultaneous policy wiki
- learning organization - notably "green learning organization"
- reflexive intranet, i.e. where intranets are going
- economics of wiki - a neoclassical view
- Governance Council by Tom Manley
- causal loop diagram
- Lean Green Machine - green economics of intranets
- Living Agenda

3. goals

- GPNS protocols from GPNS
- GPC protocols: election protocol, position protocol
- Breaking a Million votes - an actual strategy, not fatuous propaganda
- The Green Ethic
- Beyond GAAP - what are the goals of accounting?

2. mindset

- command and control - the motive for the ERCT
- election readiness - how is this really best achieved?
- Efficient Politics - mindset of the Lean Green Machine
- Six Principles - what price "readiness"?

1. power to transcend

- five levels of intranet i.e. how to use a wiki in politics
- Ten Habits of Well Beings which includes leadership
- Open Party - the ultimate participatyr democracy
- political virtues

We do not distinguish between Living Platform and Living Agenda process in the above, because they are only different in being applied outwardly to the Government of Canada versus inwardly to the Green Party of Canada. If we would run Canada we must first run ourselves by the same principles that we propose. This reflexive mindset is what is invoked by saying that we "eat our own dog food".