list of influential political philosophers

Which philospher thinks the most like you? While the list is incomplete, the quiz by Bryan W. Van Norden helps you to determine which of this list of influential political philosophers you may enjoy. Feel free to add many more, and also bug Bryan to include more of the people listed here.

Criteria for inclusion of this list however vary, with more emphasis on the cutting edge in economics and including people influential on open politics itself.

Contrasting views is a good way to discover open politics itself. If you wish a complete list of political philosophers or good book references please refer links from en: wikipedia: political philosophy. There is also a separate list of ethicists that is more open to religion and political leaders.

This coverage of political philosophy and of canonical or important thinkers, those who are good representatives of a particular school of thought, has been expanded by openpolitics.ca itself to include authors of works of fiction that are very widely referenced or read, important figures in religion and politics whose views became templates for those who followed, and others who strictly speaking were not doing what we call philosophy: