list of candidate web services

This list of candidate web services is in strong priority order by quality of the candidate web service provided. This has nothing to do with quality of positions taken. Feel free to re-order the list if you disagree. The list may include any, worldwide, but please try to find the best Canadian examples. Please also list all comprehensive sublists here, e.g.:

candidateelectionpartydistrictcandidate web servicebest practicesrecommender
Paul SummervilleCanadian federal election, 2006NDP candidateSt._Paul's FEDpaulsummerville.ca open blogdowire.org top 4
Jim HarrisCanadian federal election, 2006GPC candidateBeaches-East_York FEDelectjim.caopen blogdowire.org
Keith FountainCanadian federal election, 2006CPC candidateOttawa_Centre FEDkeithfountain.caopen blogdowire.org
Garth TurnerCanadian federal election, 2006CPC candidateHalton FEDgarth.caopen blogdowire.org
Frederick BoisvertCanadian federal election, 2006CPC candidateQuebecgarth.caopen] blogdowire.org
Gary GervaisCanadian federal election, 2006GPC candidateWinnipeg_Centre FED _ open blogdowire.org
Rick FuschiCanadian federal election, 2006CPC candidateWindsor-Tecumseh FEDvoterick.com_dowire.org top 4
Helena GuergisCanadian federal election, 2006CPC candidateSimcoe-Grey FEDwww.helenaguergis.ca_dowire.org top 4
Elizabeth KirleyCanadian federal election, 2006LPC candidateSimcoe-Grey FEDelizabethkirley.ca_dowire.org top 4
Carolyn BennettCanadian federal election, 2006LPC candidate _ _ closed blogdowire.org
Brad FarquharCanadian federal election, 2006CPC candidateWascana FED _ closed blogdowire.org
Monte SolbergCanadian federal election, 2006CPC candidateMedicine_Hat FED _ closed blogdowire.org
Chuck StrahlCanadian federal election, 2006CPC candidate _ _ closed blogdowire.org

See also list of partisan web services, e.g.
Scott Feschuk, Paul Martin's speechwriter blogging via his BlackBerry, etc.