This page was removed from the Green Party of Canada Living Platform -also described here - before it was taken down on February 6th, 2005. It vanished shortly after. This was part of the GPC Council Crisis. An updated version is at GPC legislator. The page is reproduced in this version exactly as it appeared Feb. 6:

A Green Party of Canada-recognized "legislator" is someone who has actually authored the final text of a Federal Act, that is, a proposed federal law, that has actually been introduced at least to First Reading in the House of Commons. There are very few such people, and we rely on them to serve a quality control purpose in our public service design and lobbying work:

  • supervise and dis/qualify researchers - legislators must be able to rely on facts
  • review position papers - most legislators are far too busy to write them
  • help set strategic priorities that Platform 2005 Co-Chairs advance to news release form during election campaigns when the spotlight is on them

Green Party Legislators