legal best practice

A partial legal best practice list:

  • do not let anyone require response to hearsay except of political leaders, their assistants, and other persons in or seeking power - it's appropriate only to require responses to hearsay from persons who have or seek power over yourself
  • attribute comments and quote exactly with double quotes around the comments - avoid paraphrase
  • do not let a large public wiki become a libel pit where one faction is in control of editorial, i.e. ensure administrator guidelines treat newcomers with the same respect as oldtimers in all matters including power of administration - Please note that you owe not even equal treatment to power figures and their shills who do not participate under the normal editing rules - these people can go use mass media to tell their story. Granting such people equivalent power to other users plus their mass media visibility will inevitably mean they dominate debate and can suppress critics with tactics opponents can't use.
  • clarify terms of use referring directly to the status of pages under known/published open content licenses - this helps ensure
  • use disclaimers but don't rely on them overmuch
  • let brave folks volunteer to take all libel liability for particular pages or topics if there is a risk of editorial cowardice - appoint them senior editor of that topic or chief editor temporarily

See also: civic best practice, open politics in force