left versus right

The left-right political spectrum has been the dominant means of measuring political persuasion for a very long time.

Left can be considered to include the following:

  • Communism
  • Socialists
  • Democratic socialists
  • Humanists
  • Those who believe that the cause of problems with economies, societies and people lies mostly with problems with the systems. It emphasises people's privlidge (or lack thereof) and systems that keep privlidge in place as an explanation for most problems in the world.

Right can be considered to include the following:

  • Libretarians
  • Capitalists
  • Neo-conservatives
  • Those who believe that personal responsibility can explain the failing or sucess of people and societies.

Left-Right politics has become less relevant since the ecology movemet demonstrated the supremecy of green versus greyas a way to distinguish political motive and action.