land claims

land claims

Land claims has been one of the longest standing issues in Canadian politics, predating Canada itself. In the settlement of land claims, aboriginal peoples seek a wide range of opportunities. In some cases, this may mean local renewable resource activities, activities such as fishing and hunting that local people can undertake, that can be locally managed and controlled and that are related to traditional aboriginal values. However, aboriginal people also seek access to economy of the dominant society, where large-scale technology (such as logging, commercial fishing, and mining) predominates. The settlement of aboriginal land claims has to provide the means to enable aboriginal peoples to thrive, and aboriginal cultures to develop, in ways denied to them in the past. Most importantly, the sense of community and identity of aboriginal life must be affirmed. The very well-being and existence of aboriginal peoples depends upon it.

Despite major land claims agreements such as the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, the Northern Flood Agreement in Manitoba, the Umbrella Final Agreement in the Yukon and the Nunavut Agreement in the Northwest Territories, there continues to be a lack of commitment on the part of the government of Canada to settle the many claims of aboriginal people. This fuels the belief that claims are only settled when there is a show of public anger or violence such as that witnessed in the summer of 1990 in Oka. Rectifying historic injustices, through the settlement of aboriginal land claims, is vital for the well-being of all Canadians.

aboriginal issues, natural resources, economic development, property rights.

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