known trolls

The list of known trolls includes those who admit they are trolls. The more responsible of these "can at least be counted on to object to anything insensible or contrary to fact or prior commitments". They have intellectual integrity but they are not nice.

(Question: what do you call those who have intellectual integrity that are nice? Answer: sneaky trolls)

List body identities of known trolls here:

Dead trolls:

Live trolls:

One could reasonably argue many on the list of influential philosophers, such as Jesus, Jimmy Carter, Ralph Nader are or were also trolls, but:

To be listed, you must actually have identified yourself as a troll or done something so trollishly provocative as to be unmistakable. Just being loud about controversial views or a trollherd is not enough, nor is using trollish terms. To knock over a profession or a whole regime or try to, is a good sign of being truly trollish.

Being original is not a qualification necessarily: Trolls might be following someone around, or copying what they say (common), or trying to frame them. When someone is so successfully framed that they become a troll, this is deep framing.

Only a self-admitted troll can become a troll bard. This is only one of many advantages of choosing to become a troll. Admitting trollish tendencies is usually the first step to a genuinely open politics:

For instance, German politicians and reputed orces Jürgen Rüttgers and, to a lesser extent, Peer Steinbrück deny having censored entries about themselves in Wikipedia, could possible rise to being trolls if they admitted what they did, as for instance Bill Hulet readily does as he vandalizes Wikipedia on behalf of his political master Jim Harris. To fail to admit what one is doing, unless some more overt political rationale with associated language, i.e. "neither confirm nor deny", is used, can be taken as shame.

People who cannot admit they are trolls cannot possibly lead projects to create open politics services, expand the open politics web or grow an open party. All of these things begin with admission of being a troll.