kill beta male

Historically most societies have sanctioned than an alpha male, particularly acting on behalf of the state, may kill beta males with relative impunity if they enroach on the alpha's territory or honour or harem of females. Practices such as the duel and droit de seigneur were often used as ways to lure betas into unwise confrontations with a militarily superior alpha, so they could be killed without undue disruption to other social processes. These practices are not generally sanctioned today.

Ways to kill beta males that have been sanctioned by regimes, within the 20th century, that practiced a form of democracy:

Efforts to reform beta males so as not to require so much killing, and the rationale for same, are in a separate article. See also war, the most commonly used means to thin out the ranks of beta males by killing large numbers of them. Sexual and dominance hierarchy maintenance motives for this preference for war by alpha males and some alpha females are dealt with in the article reform beta male.