key phrase

A key phrase has an extremely specific meaning that the Green Party wishes to invoke and reinforce any time it answers questions about its policy. It should usually appear in any list of terms and frequently in the Policy FAQ. The google hits for this phrase reinforce its Green meaning.

Although slogans like Someday is now and participatory democracy in action are important phrases, and might also be "key" during elections, they can be changed by the Party itself on a whim. This is not true for true key phrases:

A key phrase is one that unlocks a specific idea or concept in the mind of a specific interest group or academic field, and cannot be changed without changing the meaning. For instance:

Likewise there are key phrases that we would like to avoid, bad phrases that we should avoid, e.g. intellectual property, eco-capitalist, natural resources, Natural Capitalism, Deep Ecology for being either too specific or suggestive of undesirable implications to a specific audience - one that may or may not understand the actual implications of the actual policies proposed.

TODO: Cite George Lakoff on the power of key phrases and conceptual metaphors in political dialogue, i.e. the Moral Politics arguments about this.