issue briefing

An issue briefing is one of the types of pages

An Issue briefings is the extended form of an issue statement, which is composed to give an overview for someone who desires to know the facts about an issue. Issue briefings in OpenPolitics.ca do not contain positions or arguments - these are prepared in a companion position paper.

example: before attending a press conference the representative looked over the issue briefing on the Atlantic seal hunt prepared by her staff.

Issue briefings should link to related position papers and IPAs

Naming Convention: issues and issue briefings use the same naming convention as issue pages - find the most commonly used word or phrase that is specific and unambiguous. Don't name it "Seal Hunt Breifing" - use "seal hunt" if an issue briefing page is separate from an exisiting IPA, the briefing should have a more specific name, because unless the briefing was more specific than the issue statement, it should be and issue statement - the top of an IPA.

Best examples of issue briefings:

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