An intranet is a private internal web that may or may not intersect with the global Internet. A reflexive intranet is one which is, in support of a learning organization, carefully controlling the use of language, e.g. restrict terms similar to all control verbs, to achieve organizational goals. Some of those goals can be summarized as

[+] firm-specific signal infrastructure

[+] is not the Internet

[+] relies on "wiki" technology

[+] Level 0 and 1 are intrusive

[+] Levels 2 and 3 are reflective

[+] Levels 4 and 5 are reflexive

[+] sustainable intranets

[+] finding the protocols

exploiting your intranet

An intranet of levels 4 or 5 is a prize indeed, and should also be shared, extended and exploited well beyond the borders of an organization, which can always be done safely and profitably. Consider:

building incubators

Organizations that support other organizations, such as libraries or community centres, may need a more extensive and robust model of how to share signal infrastructure to create an 'incubator'.

supporting telework

Organizations that permit "extranet" access to their internal documents require a a checklist for teleworkers.

[+] ultra-reflexivity?