interest group briefing

An interest group briefing is a form of position paper: a summary of all citizen initiatives or all party platforms or one specific party platform from some specific interest group, e.g. ethnic group, trade or profession, religion or otherwise. It may have a unique point of view. It is not an issue briefing but it might be an essay or even a rant.

may cover intersection of groups

One such briefing may address crossovers, e.g. urban and artists' concerns, etc. There is no definition of an interest group and that's deliberate, as they shift and change constantly.

illustrate and challenge issues

An interest group briefing illustrates (and may challenge) the group's positions on MANY issues that are common to that one interest group. This will require many unrelated issue statements to be quoted so reliance on the existing issue statement wording is critical. To reframe an issue simply to appeal to that interest group may be to pander to them.

answers a lot of questions at once

Each interest group briefing summarizes the entire platform or everything that matters in a region or before a time horizon, all from a particular citizens' interest group point of view.

The Green Party of Canada used them to a degreee in the Canadian federal election, 2004 as an efficient means of Answering Citizen Questions 2004. They complemented the candidates' Answers to Questionnaires, by combining many planks, answers and responses to opposing parties' positions into a single essay. Some groups like Sierra Club and Greenpeace encourage and solicit such detailed responses, and are petulant if they don't get them. Ideally one prepares the interest group briefing (or pressure group briefing as one might call it) in advance.

could be sole work

An IGB is usually authored by individual members with particular interest and background, as a sole work, but often working closely with candidates. Often, they cannot be authored before the campaign when all party platform comparison charts for that election are available, and other parties' ideas are clearly stated or misstated.

fast, cheap, and pleasant, any two of the three

Accordingly, briefings are often produced on tight timelines. We, the Living Platform users, strongly encourage the sharing of these! Because they can be confused with official policy, they are often kept offsite, and simply indexed here in the living platform. We, trolls, also encourage sharing these widely because it starts fights when issue statements and deep framing clash, and trolls love to start such fights.

could be bioregional

Any bioregional specific policy could be considered a sort of interest group briefing but these have special status in Platform 2005 Process. We anticipate aNorth Platform 2005, Pacific Platform 2005, Urban Platform 2005, Maritime Platform 2005, Prairie Platform 2005 distributed only in those regions. In general these are Regional Platforms, not ordinary "briefings".


For examples, see the list of interest group briefings - mostly summarizing the GPC Platform 2004.