This is an openpolitics.ca guideline.

administrator guidelines use of term ignore

The full set of guidelines is at OP:ignore.

Formal logs track all pages hidden, ignored and deleted.


A page that has been categorized with the advice to ignore it is also automatically hidden: no longer visible to anonymous users of openpolitics.ca itself. Its content may be useful to construct other pages. A synonym that has some connotations of judgement on page content is "junk".


A rigorous process to balance/hide/ignore/delete pages is being considered as part of guidelines. If adopted, administrators must defer to that process rather than exercising any judgement of their own on what to ignore. The sole exception is spam.


If you believe a page is being ignored wrongly, and should simply have been left to evolve as any other page, then, you may complain, by requesting that it be restored at the page in the talk:namespace paralleling it, e.g. if you wish to defend the page "Bob loves boys" then you create that defense at talk:Bob loves boys where it will be answered to.