hold membership in another federal political party

To hold membership in another federal political party is forbidden of GPC members in the current GPC Constitution.

This was a relatively recent change, and many members oppose it on various grounds, including the need to co-opt other parties and work through them as legislators.

At the very least the Membership Team must not be able to selectively deepen its investigations or queries of potential or actual members, as this will inevitably reflect systemic bias of the Team's members in favour of some ideological view or another. During the 2004 internal elections, one candidate for Membership Chair actually went so far as to put in her own candidacy blurb that she personally could tell the difference between "real Greens" and those that were somehow not to be trusted, regardless of any membership affiliations. This sort of person is simply unfit to hold Membership Chair in particular, and probably unfit to serve on GPC Council in any capacity.

Some consider the requirement against holding membership in other parties to arise from the same "us vs. them" mindset.