Guidelines in a wiki are a record of what is judged to be a best practice. They are subject to debate by edit as per open politics in practice. Each guideline is marked as such.

what are guidelines

Guidelines are not strict rules set down by some authority. Like the common law they are capable of being improved. But, you better have a really good argument to convince people that your understanding of priorities and problems is better than what all prior editors have expressed.

A set of guidelines may or may not meet the objectives of any given political wiki, and may receive a high or low grade from a political wiki audit, e.g. open politics in force.

who enforces them?

Editors, Senior Editors, Administrators all help to develop and adhere to guidelines, or risk getting scolded or scoffed at.

The fact that guidelines are in force has nothing to do with their ability to make open politics work. It is your job to make that happen.

guidelines in use

example - guideline on page introductions

All pages other than issue pages begin with a leading sentence using the page name, and that page name is bolded. Acceptable alternate names for the page must be made into redirects and also boldfaced, but not in the lead paragraph, to avoid any confusion about what is the primary page name.

This is the best practice used in Wikipedia. The page name itself is the only acceptable title for the article it contains (see naming conventions). Normally it is presented in large text in the header beside the name of openpolitics.ca itself. If this does not look good, the CSS can be changed much more easily than every single page.

On issue pages however the

page name

. . . is assigned as heading one (!) and a horizontal rule is added beneath. This distinguishes issue pages from others.

This header will be removed in any compiled version that puts many pages together. A logo could appear in the top right corner across from the page name.

In Wikipedia heading one is never used, specifically to allow article collections to have their own title at that heading. This remains a best practice for all non-issue pages.