grey governance

Grey governance is the model currently praticed by most political parties in Canada.

There is some concerns amongst the membership that a clique in the Green Party is trying to steer the party in this direction.

Grey governance involves a rigid hierarchy with cliques or factions fighting to control the party apparatchuk. It involves a high level of secrecy, deception and blame which are necessary to hide mistakes and faults made by powerful or connected members of the clique.

THe secrecy also offers a shield so that certian members (who are usualy marked as traitors or "problems" by the ruling clique) can be sacrificed with little or no real understanding in the membership or public as to why they got the blame.

Grey governance also strives to use deceptive methods and escalation of conflict to resolve all grey areas in favour of the present power holder.

It is by definition undemocratic and is not compatible with the Green Party goals.

Common pratices of Grey governance:

  • Emergency in camera meetings to deal with personel issues
  • Slates of candidates for election to councils or comittees
  • Attempts to control flows of information within an organization
  • Threats to fire unco-operative staff or to censure unco-operative volunteers