green procurement

The Canadian Government Throne Speech, 2004 promised a green procurement system for federal government. In February 2005, a report claimed that Governmetn of Canada procurement could not even follow its existing purchasing standards. It was acknowledged by Stephane Dion, then Environment Minister of Canada. This became a major source of embarassment.


The World Mayors and Municipal Leaders Declaration on Climate Change, 2005-12-07 recognized "2.6 The buying power of local governments can accelerate the application and accessibility of clean technologies in the marketplace including renewable energy options." http://www.iclei.org/index.php?id=2447

In March 2006 ICLEI head David Cadman stated that “We, as ICLEI, are here to build and serve a worldwide movement to achieve tangible improvements in global sustainability through local actions”. Including, presumably, sustainable purchasing. link omitted due to fatal tikiwiki flaw

The ICLEI Declaration of Commitment, 2006-03-03, committed ICLEI members to sustainable procurement.


A Canadian pilot project for green procurement starting at the municipal level is being considered by the Green Budget Coalition - a green procurement validation service that is based on the open content Consumerium design - a part of the GFDL corpus.