Governance describes the issue of how a company, government or organization is managed. It generally involves:
  • How the organization measures performance and what it places value on; the audit protocol
  • How the organisation learns and, makes use of feedback. example: the learning organization''
  • How the organization evolves by changing its structures - how it self-organizes and enables more effective s via the
  • How the organization innovates expressing and creativity as opposed to - see .

mindset collective intelligence) ((Donella Meadows) chaordic twelve levers Dee Hock stupidity ISO 19011 single command hierarchy grey governance management silo Chaordic Principles of Practice Living Agenda Efficient Politics

[+] Studies of ideology in Canada and Canadian politics as usual listed here.

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Marijuana Party of Canada views

" Stop the stupid war on drugs and defend Canadian sovereignty!" http://www.vivelecanada.ca/portal.php/link/20041015153944884

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sources and resources

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Craig Hubley