Very minor orcs are called goblins in the Internet as role playing game conceptual metaphor.

They aspire to the formal roles or powers of orcs, and the credibility of trolls, but achieve neither. They are only effective at sneakiness, two-faced tactics, and moving from situation to situation with no integrity whatsoever - soon noticed and marked as not worthy of any trust at all, not even usually infrastructure owners trust - the easiest for such fawners to get.

Most goblins simply gibber in fright and repeat nonsense that the orcs sputter to oppose the trolls in their constant power struggle, e.g. Tom Manley has been implicated as one of several goblins in the GPC Council crisis. Tom Jakobek also is best described politically in this way - no original ideas, seeking personal advantage by narrow principle-free position-taking.

Because this characterizes someone's mode of interaction with others and their interpersonal integrity in communications it is usually not reasonable to refer to a singular goblin. Rather, if orcs engage goblins too much they will tend to sink to their level, and all will become goblins. Similarly, if trolls engage orcs too long without victory, they will eventually become orcs, and their trolls nests may become libel pits. This is a race to the bottom - intellectual integrity requires that we, trolls avoid it. When you encounter goblins, call them that, and find ways to remove them from positions of decision making power so you can ignore their mindless gibbering and meaningless fright.

Gremlins by contrast only cause accidental sabotage and gnomes are entirely uninvolved, tending happy wild gardens.