The goal of Living Platform is to advance the Six Principles by setting a Living Agenda to change priorities and choices of the people and Government of Canada. This it does via the Green Party of Canada, exploiting its regular participation in elections to advance platform proposals that reflect the six, and the attention this entails.

Living Platform upgrades are motivated by this goal: the use of a wiki makes direct answer recommendation possible: combining Issue Advocate and member positions in a common position protocol that leverages the pressure and timing of federal electoral process, a party platform comparison with other federal political party positions, and attention of major media, to ensure that the Green list of platform proposals dominates the public agenda.

Some implications of this far-reaching goal are as follows:

A goal is third highest of Donella Meadows' twelve levers. To set it correctly is to make it easier to self-organize and make rules and information flows much easier to optimize. To set it incorrectly is to pre-determine a mindset and make it harder to transcend simple organizational inertia.

In a command and control system a command hierarchy dictates the main goal at any given time, and subordinates other sub-goals to it. In a chaordic system the goal is usually determine by negotiation between those of different mindsets, e.g. factions each with a policy salon.