global warming

Global warming is a term used to describe an increase over time of the average (mean) temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Since the late 19th century the surface of the earth has warmed 0.6 degrees Celsius (± 0.2°C)

This is the most alarming form of global climate change.

Climatologists expect that an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) over the next hundred years will increase global mean surface temperature by 2-6 degrees Celsius. The vast majority of scientists agree that human activity is the major driving cause of climate change, and that it is not a question of whether global warming will take place, but how much?.

The predicted impact of global warming is discussed in global climate scenarios, with impacts being predicted ranging between serious and catastrophic. Accordingly, the US Department of National Defense, in 2004, issued a report claiming that global warming was the greatest threat facing humanity.


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