genuinely open politics

This page is an essay from ECG Master point of view and takes sympathetic point of view to the living ontology and open politics itself.


Alfred North Whitehead claimed that the purpose of civilization was to permit people to act without thinking - effectively that it was conditioning and training not education. That the quality of thought was far less relevant than quality of unthought and of course quality of life. Since conditioning can depend only on perception and instant cognition:


Some open politics principles are obvious, others less so. A genuinely open politics expresses all of these principles, and, others emergent from practice of those...


Politics is not separate from society. The social networks that combine to form power networks must be held together by situated and ecological wisdom, not by words or symbols alone:

A genuinely open politics, according to Craig Hubley, is open politics plus feedback loops to ensure positive feedback for any efficient politics and open party practices, plus negative feedback to stabilize and prevent worst editing practices, and the dominance of worst editors and stupidest editors.


Many best practices of this genuinely open politics are not obvious, some indeed are extremely counter-intuitive. In the film Karate Kid, the sensei - an old master played by Pat Morita - has the protagonist wash his car. This annoys and enrages the Kid but of course it is absolutely essential to teach him both discipline and condition him to motion habits he needs to succeed at karate. It also washes the Master's car, which frees up more of his time to help the Kid learn things, and puts him in a good mood to deal with the Kid's many mistakes.


Similarly, while the usefulness of trolling or the need for ECG Master fiat or LP directives or parallel pages or very exact deference relationships in namespaces or the need to follow all name precedents slavishly will not be obvious to the ECG Apprentice, they still must accept corrections and even a degree of abuse from the ECG Master to learn the best practices. This conditions them to accept abuse from trolls in general, even known trolls, as thke price of mastery.


This price of course was paid in full by every ECG Master long ago. By the time the ECG Apprentice becomes a full ECG Member, they will not need reinforcement from the open politics time market or open politics prediction market in order to "do the right thing" by instinct.

humility, arrogance and apology

Arrogance can be earned, and has its purposes, as does rudeness. But humility must exist at the core of any such arrogant manner, and it must be recognized at least by one's self as an act:

Everyone makes errors. One hopes that the Master knows to admit theirs, even if it takes a while, and they must take time and care to be sure that they have in fact made errors and are apologizing for the right thing. Insincere apology is a grave disrespect, worse than no apology at all. When an apology comes, it must be believed.


The merit of fidelity applies in all ethical traditions. It means rigour, but implies intellectual integrity. But there are other kinds of integrity:

Confucian honesty and predictability

The Confucian definition of honesty is the logical outcome of a commitment to genuinely open politics: to be unable not to express honestly one's emotions and their origins in one's values. However one must remain predictable else one cannot be trusted.

Buddhist calm and compassion

Given that, one must seek calm in the midst of emotions and chaos, be mindful of self, and seek happiness and compassion within one's brainwaves and one's nation - seeking the Gross National Happiness

Taoist humour

And, one must seek humour, and notice the Play Ethic of the universe.

Muslim neighbourliness

She who is a friend to three neighbours will enter paradise, no matter what else she does or does not do. She who is not, will not. This is the tensegrity of heaven.

Christian forgiveness

All thought is ultimately relying on the past, backward looking. To backcast to fixed time horizon is to abandon the past as a guide to the future and to work from future visions, only. In this, forgiveness is a first step.

political virtues

Nothing in the above obsoletes the political virtues one requires in order to deal with those of lesser insight, and with oneself, and those of great convictions who might be misguided.

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