fundraising committee meeting 2005-02-01


Teleconference Meeting brought to order 2005-02-01 @ 8pm EST

Approve chair, recorder, and agenda (Done)

Catharine Johannsen approved as interim chair.
Matthew Clarke approved as recorder
Agenda approved.

Introductions and priorities (Done)

Catharine Johannsen
Daryl Manning
Matthew Day
Dave Ferguson
Matthew Clarke
Jim Harris
Gareth White
Erich Jacoby-Hawkins

Select interim committee chair (Done)

Catharine Johannsen nominated as interim chair.
CJ accepted nomination.
No other members nominated.
CJ approved as interim chair.

Direct mail schedule (Done)

(Better named Direct Mail Protocol?)
• Discussion: need to consolidate and control contact with members/donors
• Discussion: that not only Direct Mail needs to be considered. (web, telephone, etc)
• Discussion: need for database work
Action Item: develop wiki forum on Fundraising Data/Research (Daryl M, Matthew D)
• Discussion: need to control number of letters
• Discussion: Org Structure and Governance Issues. Where does the fundraising committee report? Under existing council motion fundraising committee reports to Finance Team that then reports to ERCT. Lack of awareness expressed on these issues. Acknowledgement from ERCT and Council members on lack of communication.
Action: setup wiki pages to inform committees/members on org structure/functional teams etc... (ERCT?)
Action: communicate with members regarding governance/structure issues. (Council?)
• Discussion: Provincial Divisions.
  • EC's regulation of PD’s is onerous. According to EC, PD’s are creatures of the central party. Reporting goes to HUB. Failures on the part of the PD can delay HUB filing and/or deregistration. No other party has PD's.
  • SK and MB are examples of “PD’s” that are currently raising funds and issuing receipts.
  • Hub is moving toward deregistering PD's
  • Regions are moving toward registering PD's (partly because of third plan (see RSC)
  • General consensus that PD’s role should be to foster growth of EDA’s—that PD’s job is to “put itself out of business”.
  • worry expressed about financial disincentive for PD's to form EDAs
  • what is the reason for PD?
    1. for EDA to cooperate regionally?
    2. for HUB to have presence in a region?

• Motion for Direct Mail Protocol/Schedule:
  • 4 direct mail pieces only in total from GPC (including non-election HUB, PD, EDA)
  • 3 negative option with cause – 1 unilateral
  • Negative option may be exercised by “Active” EDA’s
  • “Active” needs definition in this context, (show us a draft of your proposed letter?) possibly impossible with current staffing levels.
  • Notification required for opt-out, 2 week window suggested, (mail, email)
  • Question can PD’s opt out of fundraising mailouts.no, send to wiki PD opt out of 1. EDA opt-out of 3
  • PD can only fundraising where there is no active EDA, or an EDA opts out
  • Tentative schedule:
    1. Tax time: with receipts?
    2. Earth Day: spring, good timing, issue oriented
    3. Fall: ??
    4. Year End: perrenially good time for contributions
  • Newsletters need to be factored in
Result: Action: move to wiki for further drafting. Present at next meeting. (Matthew C)

"Ethical" Fundraising Policy vs. AFP version ()

Not addressed forwarded to next meeting

Donor Bill of Rights (Done)

Not addressed forwarded to next meeting

Allocation of fundraising revenue (Done)

(including events, online contributions, etc.) as per #4 of the Interim Proposal of the Revenue Sharing Committee
Deferred until RSC reports

Elections Act Compliance (Done)

(how not to raise $$) - creation of brief fact sheet (as per Dave Ferguson) - a single fund protocol to stay within approved limits
Action: move to wiki for drafting (Matthew C)

Record Keeping Protocol ()

Records keeping to satisfy audit protocol of Party and of Elections Canada

Receipt Mailout Recommendation (Urgent - Done)

Wording for mailout reply form giong out with receipt mailout.
Please direct a third of my federal contribution to my local Green Party Organization (Electoral District Association)