fulltime staff

In nonprofit organizations, fulltime staff are dead weight. They change the organization from an entity that coordinates volunteer labour to one that exists only to keep paying salaries - to the fulltime staff. Once people become wholly dependent on a single organization for a salary, there is an inevitable and absolute pull to keeping that cashflow going, no matter what the implications are for the nonprofit organization, its mission, its volunteers, or its supporters.

The worst kind of fulltime staff is an Executive Director who will inevitably alter the organizational mission to form a single command hierarchy or Panopticon - totally incompatible with democratic structuring or with participatory democracy.

See Green and Growing by David Scrymgeour for a typical rationale for an organization moving to a fulltime staff model. See Lean Green Machine and Efficient Politics for alternatives, and press centre for an example of a function that can easily be distributed.

An organization in which part-time staff coordinate volunteer centres via organization protocols is far more robust and quite unlikely to deviate from its mission.