full employment

Full employment is said to exist when unemployement approaches zero. Many economists would consider full employment to exist when the unemployment rate dips below 5% since a certain proportion of the workforce will always be between jobs. Some economists believe that full employment is the lowest rate of unemployment that does not cause inflation.

As the social safety net expanded in wealthy countries, Which allows a wishes to have a job has one. is a major position in our anti-poverty IPA. Check there for overarching issues. For a complement to full employment, see Basic Needs and Basic Income.__

Position: Implement a "full employment" initiative.

Position: The Green Party of Canada should call for full employment.

Green Party of Canada, whether in government or in opposition has the opportunity to press for change to reduce unemployment in Canada to minimal levels as a major component of our anti-poverty strategy. This can be achieved by combining the following strategies.
  • standard work week be 32 hours a week
  • standard holiday time be 4 weeks a year
  • improve the labor market infrastructure so that job seekers and jobs can be matched more quickly and efficiently, reducing nepotism, improving quality of life, and economc productivity in the process.
  • reduce the cost of education, and employee training to create a more skilled work force.
  • use the Green Tax Shift to remove perverse incentives that cause companies to employ less people, consume more resources and crete more pollution.
  • be the "employer of last resort" when no other jobs are available, using economic recessions as an opportunity to improve public infrastructure and strengthen communities.
  • enhance the availability of micro-credit services to ensure that self employed people and small businesses have adequate access to capital.
  • build community networks in the voluntary sector which include mentoring programs,
  • promote workplace democracy and employee ownership.
  • Give companies incentives to impliment corporate social responsibility.

The goal of the "full employment" initiative is to provide opportunities for everyone to have satisfying work. Some of this work will be in the paid labour force. Some of the work will be in homes and communities. Both types of work are of value to society.