formal log

A formal log is any page that lists all events or pages that reflect, require, or have received, chief editor or administrator action of any kind, or which are part of wiki control centre monitoring.

Most such pages have names beginning with "all", e.g. all pages deleted. The prefix "all pages" indicates clearly that the page is a formal log of all the pages that have become involved in some editorial or administrative process.

Some formal logs are maintained more automatically than others, e.g. via the BACKLINKS plugin. The list of all pages linked to this page that appears in all tikiwiki pages is a formal log maintained by the system.

Mediawiki is very good at formal logs and maintains them for very many actions. A mediawiki-based service has less need to manually maintain formal logs than any tikiwiki-based service.

Other examples of formal logs:
  1. pages listing work "done", e.g. OP:done
  2. pages listing people of some status, e.g. all senior editors
  3. pages listing pages of some style or status, e.g. all profiles