Dear all of Minciu,

I go on looking for the best opportunity to invest myself at the ground level, where I can contribute to a larger scale of intensifying the interest and the focus for the open source to connect the positive online work for humanity globally and the governing forces I live under locally. Here is a letter that I just wrote to Michael Pilling. Here is a man who was the chief instigator of the Green Party of Canada (GPC)'s Living Platform. The long story short is that he was "discontinued" by the shadow cabinet of the GPC. And my experience with the GPC is that they have refused to work with me to develop a groud level model of Canadian national unity and they will not even bother aproaching the topic. Michael's page is at: http://openpolitics.ca/User%3AMichael_Pilling

Peace, Benoit Couture

Hi Michael,

are you busy during the federal campaign? I am thinking of running as an independent candidate in Edmonton-East with a "stunt" platform, from my
citizen office of stay-at-home-dad-voter. I want to raise the issue of integrity from corruption to sanctity by seeking the mandate to begin my term as MP by going to jail so as to straigthening out how debts to society
are paid so that the tax payer gets its return on correctional investment.
From jail, along with the national media paying attention and a team such as yourself, we'll shine the way into correction from there to Ottawa by clearing out of the governing road of all Canadian institutions, the deceit and obstruction of the partnership between omerta and official secrecy, constantly being played out, up above our heads, until it jumps in on our
I sense most of the entire population ready to move away from such politics, but first, the toane must be set with lucidity-responsability-liberty all the way.
From what I read that happen to you at the Living Platform:
http://openpolitics.ca/Green+Party+of+Canada+Living+Platform I thought you might be ready to join forces to spread the message on how to begin overcoming evil with good in Canadian society. Is there a point to brain storm together over it? I will post this letter with a the online lab where I wotk in the Public Domain at: http://www.ms.lt/ except for my phone number.

Benoit Couture