feed the base

The tactic in power politics and politics as usual by which a politician sustains themself between elections is called feeding the base.

All of these things matter more at election time than doing the job that theoretically should be doing between elections - making law, and accordingly is what politicians spend most of their waking hours focused on.

1. Increase dispersements of pork to your constituency.
2. Arranging patronage jobs for your followers.
3. Using your influence to influence bureaucratic outcomes for supporters. (Landing immigrants, re-zoning land, arranging grants).
4. Legislating small but critical fiddles and loopholes to existing legislation to enhance your ability to do 1-3.

Example: In 2008, the Conservative Party implemented a backdoor immigration reform that gave the immigration minister, and by extention, all Conservative backbenchers, the ability to award or deny landed status to prospective immigrants, without review or appeal of any sort.