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Top story: Sample story

CITY Month DD, 2005 Story summary is to be not more than 150 words. The object of a story summary is not to provide a history of events but to explain how issues connect, what tradeoffs exist, and who is taking positions on the issues. At the end of the story summary create a link to the whole story. The whole story should not be more than 400 words. Please upload a picture which is not under copyright see: image resources for a list of links. Feel free to use wikinews for material or other open content independent media. an example... news story

Related Issues: link to between five and twenty-five related issues starting with the most closely related issues - i.e. the list is in weak priority order. If the issue list is short, turn each issue into a sentence. If it's long, let each stand as its own link. Keep the total as close to 50 words as possible to fit on a single pundit blackberry screen.