Faith is is a belief that is provided by an authority, typically a religious authority or deity.

To have faith means you trust, unconditionally, the authority that provided the belief.

Having faith is the most common prerequisite for being a member of most religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and many others, with the notable exceptions of Confucianism and Buddhism.

Many people implicitly have faith in their leaders, political party - and by such faith become partisans.

Faith is part of politics in that most people have faith in something (faith in yourself doesn't count). For most people, faith is a private matter, dealing only with things that are in the personal jurisdiction.

However, unconditional beliefs about society, policies or laws outside the personal jurisdiction are very problematic for democracy since uncompromising beliefs, when they are in conflict, can easily escalate to violence, since deliberation is not an option.

The issue of Separation of Church and State discusses the boundaries which exist between politics and religion, since the two are not very compatible.