evil and stupid

. . . couldn't resist, could you?

Things which might appear evil and stupid sometimes aren't. But now we have your attention . . .

The point is, you can defuse fears of vandalism by vandalizing. By adding ridiculous statements, rude remarks or dubious claims to pages that new users will likely see, they realize that the actuality of vandalism in a wiki is far less scary than the dread of it.

So go ahead. remove the link to ((evil and stupid)) now. Or paste it somewhere else. Teach as you have been taught.

Almost everyone who sees the off-color remark will be irresistibly compelled to follow the link. Use those pages to teach the most important wiki best practices.

This is arguably a wiki best practice. See also political wiki.

More about Vandalism
It is common to hear objections to a policy that anyone can edit, because people are afraid of vandals.

Vandalism, however, is mostly harmless and frequently useful.
  • Removing vandalism is a first "good edit" - an easy win - for a newbie.
  • teaches people to be bold