An etiquette is a minimal negative ethic. That is, it defines where it is all right to defy or ignore an ethic, and make a decision based on preservation of social capital, rather than obeying or following instructional capital (rules) or individual capital - leadership advice.

Minor etiquette such as code of conduct must never be allowed to overrule an ethical code - ethic trumps etiquette, always, if the two conflict. That is, one who makes an etiquette choice rather than an ethical choice must always acknowledge the error in confrontation. It is not valid to take pride in an etiquette-based decision.

Living Platform itself defines an etiquette. If there is an ethical obligation to consult others before writing policy, and there is, then, the etiquette here to be bold and to work in the expectation that you know what others want or need from you, defies the ethic of representative democracy - though it may better implement participatory democracy.