ethical relationship

Refer link en: wikipedia: ethical relationship.

relevance to open politics itself

An ethical relationship can be defined in various ways:
  • as an equal power relationship
  • one where power is exercised only for the benefit of the weaker (as in the archetypal mother-child relationship)
  • in terms of the roles in decision making process and how they are assigned, e.g. unethical actions become ethical if the person taking them is elected
  • in terms of the issue/position/argument by which the relationships are explicitly justified
  • in cognitive politics as the means to the anarchization of power that can't be exercised responsibly nor eliminated and so can only be distributed randomly in hopes no one abuses it reliably, e.g. jury duty
    • Putting (open politics in force)) reduces the opportunities for abuse of powers one holds more than temporarily.

One may see open politics itself as a means to reflect and reinforce only the ethical relationships applying between people, while extincting unethical ones.