equal power relationship

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Peacemaking and feminist theory coined the term 'equal power relationship' to describe a situation in which neither partner had a clear power over the other. It has since come into more general use.

Perception and reinforcement of an 'equal power relationship' is fundamental to any system of peer communications or ethical decisions undertaken by a group of peers and imposed on all by the group.

Whether such relationships ever exist is a matter of definition but there are many theories and models that define, impose or assume them at least temporarily, e.g. to resolve disputes especially in civil law where power is equalized between the participants in a lawsuit using quite elaborate rules as if in a game.

relevance to open politics

Jo Freeman's theory of democratic structuring strongly influenced open politics itself and it includes equal power relationships especially insofar as access to resources. The ruleset of open politics in force imposes these on resources that could otherwise become a source of unwarranted power-over others.

The status of privileged liars is of specific concern in all theories of power, and remains unresolved. The Iraq war is just one of many cases.