enacting the living agenda

This original document from Green Party of Canada Living Platform provides evidence that the democratically elected GPC Council in late January 2005, supported the Living Agenda and was implementing it. Shortly thereafter, the ERCT - Dermod Travis though he claims he was acting on orders possibly from Wayne Crookes - shut it down and censored it, chilling the process that was beginning in late January and triggering the GPC Council Crisis. The "full airing and debate" never occurred and Jim Harris and Bruce Abel then reversed themselves on literally every matter described here.

the Living Agenda is happening

On January 21, Michael Pilling wrote to gpc-general that "Everyone I spoke to (including Jim Harris) is in favor of a full airing and debate of the issues including the code of conduct, including the incorporation of a GPC fund, including organizational restructuring, including the use of in camera discussion. Everything should be debatable in a forum that is open and accessible to all GPC members (and closed to non members). We are sorting out the technical issues related to that. One way or another this will be happening (and the sooner the better so everyone can relax!)." So the first steps to the Living Agenda are being taken.

It will complement Living Platform for GPC Governance and other internal process issues, where we apply our own thinking to our own operations. Pilling continues "The stuff currently posted in the living platform on governance issues may be relocated, or it may have the permissions changed to be accessible by members only." The latter is better because it will not break any existing links. In the long term, two namepsaces may be required with a third to mirror the Wikipedia - which the GPC has an ongoing need to monitor for any false statements about the party or its figures - see Wikipedia bio.

undertaken by Process Committee

Pilling notes "we have a committee ... called the process committee and they are being asked to determine what is the best thing to do with pages that are not related to platform development. Your comments on this are welcome, if you send them to me at ideas at green.ca I can forward them. If someone wants to observe at the meeting that is also possible." See process commitee meeting 2005-01-20 "at 9pm EST." NOTE: minutes will be on the same page. This is an example of how easy Living Agenda work can be.

"Personally, I think this all a great opportunity to raise the bar and really live up to out commitment to transparency and grassroots democracy." Pilling is right. The time has come to make serious decisions about the appropriate privacy for political organizations we really require, and open up wherever possible.

supported by Party Chair

GPC Party Chair Bruce Abel said likewise on January 18, 2005, in a post to gpc-council the GPC Council mailing list. His words:


Do you wake up at night with an urge...
Is it still there the next morning?

Then, express yourself, break of out box,

Share the goal of documenting the facts of the matter as neutrally as
possible, for two reasons: one, for the historical record; and two, to
develop a collectively written document in the interests of transparency and accountability.

Pages relevant to the current discussion include:


and I blush with fame:


And, as I was about to send this message a quote appeared at the end of my cut and paste.

"The Law of conservation of energy tells us we can't get something for nothing, but we refuse to believe it." - Isaac Asimov from Isaac Asimov's Book of Science and Nature Quotations, 1988."

The decision has been made. We need only implement it quickly and fairly. We have made rapid progress up the five levels of intranet but this is the first time we have used it to look at ourselves, to begin building a reflexive intranet that will force us to live up to our own values and ideals. That will make us first an example of our best laid plans. That will make it impossible to say one thing and do another.