eligibility to vote

Expanding citizen eligibility to vote is a typical electoral reform, and one way to encourage participatory democracy:

For instance, to "get young people involved", one might:
  • Lower voting age to 16. Or count 16 year old votes as 1/2 votes. Or full voting rights at 16, half votes at 14. (All very popular proposals).
  • Require high schools to set up legislatures as part of civics classes that work exactly like the proposed legislature, before it is approved. Make sure there is youth present whenever you assemble citizen groups
  • make it very easy for parties to get youth in: give youth wings the power to hold elders to account for procedural abuses, e.g. the recent Green Party of Canada attempt to crush participatory democracy = GPC Council Crisis

See also mandatory voting, Assembly of First Nations, bioregional multi-member district.