electoral reform

Proposals for electoral reform projects seek to change the way that public desires are reflected in elections. This can be narrowly concerned with the voting system or broadly achieving political reform or democratic reform of many institutions.

Such projects affect any of the following:

"Periodic redrawing of electoral constituency (or "riding" or "district") borders is conducted at regular intervals, or by statutory rules and definitions, if for no other reason than to eliminate malapportionment attributable to population movements. Some electoral reforms seek to fix these borders according to some cultural or ecological criteria, e.g. bioregional democracy which sets borders to fit exactly to ecoregions," making a stable bioregional district so as "to avoid the obvious abuse of "gerry-mandering" where these borders are set deliberately to favor one party or another, or just to improve management of the public's commonly-owned property." - from Wikipedia: en: electoral reform.

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