The domain name efficientcivics.org has been reserved for Efficient Civics Guild use, as part of an agreement with Open Politics Foundation that led to the creation of openpolitics.ca itself and the definition of open politics itself evolving "here".

efficientcivics.org will be the authority that updates living ontology naming conventions, and resolves disputes over standard of evidence and TIPAESA conventions of the Living Ontology Web, a cooperative effort of many web services, including openpolitics.ca itself, to cross-link many wikis, and develop interwiki style conventions that are specific to political wikis, especially those with open politics in force - a subset of the LOW known as open politics web.

Among other advantages, submission to these standards and cooperation in these networks will make it simple to distinguish between statements by a person, those about a person, those alleged to be by a person and those legally found to have been by a person. This is a pre-requisite to any accountability in the Troll Age where anonymity will remain a right. See infrastructure of democracy on this issue.

Participation will be open once a distrust metric appropriate for the gravity of the problem is defined, to any person who will use the naming conventions. This implies among other things putting one's body name in a standard form and separating articles about person, e.g. Craig Hubley, from those by Craig Hubley, or those edited by logged-in user User:Craig_Hubley as validated by openpolitics.ca itself. Using the underscore in the name is consistent with mediawiki-based services and should be used in any circumstance where search across all political wikis should be made more reliable. ''Making names into reliable unique tokens for search engines is absolutely essential to accountability and to avoid confusion between participants with common names. That is, "John_R._Smith" is far easier to attribute than "John Smith" which might as well be an anonym).

The anticipated launch date was set for spring of 2006.