editorial bias

This is a guideline of openpolitics.ca itself.

An editorial bias is appearing to favour one position or range of positions over others in an article. Several notices and header tags signal bias and other such perceived editorial problems.

Bias is not always a problem and may often be resolved by changing titles. An essay is expected to have the author's bias, but if the title is too generic it will appear as if openpolitics.ca itself shares that bias. Accordingly use of "by" or "from" or "for" in the title can correct the bias.

Some pages always have a bias and are always in need of correction. An issue has a structure explicitly designed to make it easy to counter biases. Biases are therefore most commonly embedded in bios, guidelines and definitions.

A point of view problem is the easiest bias to correct: simply add contrary views and correct the biased language. If this is not possible while expressing the point of the article, the article may be moved to a client namespace specifically for that POV, e.g. the GPO:namespace.

Note that bias exists only within articles and is an attribute of one text or treatment. By contrast, editorial balance is a problem or attribute of a number of texts, that of the entire wiki or other forum. It is much harder to correct imbalances than biases, as it requires much more work to outreach and rebalance.