editorial balance

This is an openpolitics.ca guideline.

So-called editorial balance is the effort to make the expression of views in a public forum match the degree to which those views or issues are seen as important to the readers at large.

Balance is sometimes confused with systemic bias, which properly is a tendency to do something, not an attribute of the product of that doing.

Unlike editorial bias, a much narrower trait of a single article, an imbalance is a problem observed across a number of texts, often that of the entire wiki. It is much harder to correct imbalances than biases, as it requires much more work to outreach and rebalance. A set of notices will likely deal with balance problems and tell readers which pages need expansion and which seem to cover an area that is well enough covered now.

Balancing problems are severe enough that they can satisfy conditions for speedy deletion, whereas mere bias problems usually cannot.