ecological indicator

An ecological indicator is any measurement or metric used to measure performance in terms of the load placed on ecosystems, including the whole biosphere.

[-] variations

The most extensive such indicator is called "ecological footprint" but has some varying definitions. There are also various ways to measure biodiversity. More exactly defined terms:

The Government of Canada uses the term ecological and social indicators to cover a wider variety of instruments. An ICLEI Triple Bottom Line report covers a similar range. In neither of these phrases is it clear that ecological indicators have any special or primary status. The Harmonious Living Index, GPI Atlantic, Genuine Progress Index, Gross National Happiness and other alternative indicators include ecological indicators.

Although it is sometimes listed as one, so-called "Clean Air" is a human health indicator, not an ecological indicator.

position: indicators like energy usage, waste production, green house gas emissions per capita must always figure every time the value of the canadia dollar is displayed or broadcasted (audio or video) regarless of medium.

issue: standardizing ecological indicators

position: keep atmosphere/climate separate

argument for: climate impact is much easier to assess than biodiversity impact

position: use only ecological indicator

argument for: social indicators are by definition subject to challenge across cultures and cannot possibly be as objective as ecological ones. Mixing the two hopelessly dilutes the case for both.

position: use only ICLEI Triple Bottom Line