e-democracy.org Forum Rules

The e-democracy.org Forum Rules defined here are the recommendations of e-democracy.org regarding the use of web threads for local issues forums. They are markedly different from the wiki best practices that a related organization, dowire.org, publicizes.

However, it is notable for being very exact about the meaning of an extremely contentious and ill-defined "rule", that being the infamous "no personal attacks". The definition is specific and exact about the level of seriousness required to classify as a threat:

"5. No Attacks or Threats - Personal attacks or public threats against the safety or security of participants are not allowed. The Forum Manager may issue warnings or remove participants based on their public posts to a forum legally owned by E-Democracy.Org. If you receive private communication from another participant that causes you serious concern, you may communicate that to the Forum Manager, but no action should be taken by the Forum Manager or E-Democracy.org to intervene in private disputes among individuals. If you feel you have privately received an illegal threat via e-mail you should contact the appropriate legal authorities. E-Democracy.Org and its Chapters are not responsible for any private behavior. However, if it is determined that a pattern of abusive behavior is having a chilling effect on other's participation in the public forum, the Forum Manager may issue a warning and/or removal upon advising the local Chapter Steering Committee."


Users are told to use real names exclusively and any failure to do so is likened to identity theft.

where's the democracy?

"In our citizen-based forums, participants themselves keep the forums relevant and on track. There is no government, political group, corporation, or single individual controlling our self-governance system.

You may lose your right to participate based on your behavior in a forum. You may also regain your rights.

We know from a decade of experience, that volunteer-based forum facilitation and management is essential. We make difficult decisions and reign in rule violators in order to protect the public mission of our forums and E-Democracy.Org's non-profit obligations. We encourage those with different ideas about how online discussions should be structured and managed to start and announce such forums via our networks. We are just one voluntary model.

If at any point you feel these rules as written or historically applied do not serve the stated mission or goals of E-Democracy.Org, you have the right to petition the Board for specific changes."