drug costs

drug costs

issue statement:

The rising cost of providing precription drugs, has been an issue of concern to both private health care and public health care providers.

Society is spending more on drugs, both because of increased use of drugs as well as increased costs of new drugs. This increase is on an absolute basis and also as a percentage of the health dollar. The rapid increase in drug costs has lead to controls on distribution of drugs (formularies), cost shifting (between government jurisdictions, insurers and patients), lack of drug coverage, mistrust of drug manufacturers (i.e. excess profits).

Drugs which improve quality of life (hair growth, sexual dysfunction drugs) also have lead to greater debate on drug coverage.

[+] alternatives to prescription drugs

[+] unique economic structure of the industry.

Position: Roll back patent protection

Position: Do nothing: drug costs are just a question of supply and demand.

Position: Public research funding should be required to test the effectiveness of medicine.

Position: It is consumerism gone wild - we are all overmedicated.

Position: Have the public sector take over drug development.

Why couldn't the government simply take over the job of drug development, and then let private companies manufacture and distribute medicines in a competitive environment — doing away with patent monopolies on drugs altogether?
- Russ Mokhiber Commondreams