disambiguate plural

Plurals need to be disambiguated in a wiki to avoid duplication and wasted time.

Without care, the plural form of a word (i.e. jurisdictions) can become a parallel page of the singular form (jurisdiction).

To avoid this kind of mess, '''prefer singular''' forms for definitions. Write ((jurisdiction))s rather than ((jurisdictions)) wherever possible and ((redirect)) the plural to the singular. Where invoking a specific list of instances: *use the plural ((jurisdictions)) if the list is short and requires some explanation. *use the ((list of)) best practice if the list is long - ((trolls)) becomes ((list of trolls)) with this redirect: #REDIRECT ((list of trolls))

If for any reason there is a need to discuss jurisdictions, or any other plural concept, separately from the singular concept, then be sure to include a link to the singular in the first paragraph (preferably in the first sentence.

This wiki best practice is on the list of process terms applicable to both public and private sector use.

See also: the general definition of disambiguate.
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This page only explains HOW to disambiguate plural.''