This is not about ways to develop software.

In politics, development can mean several things:

Development, also known as economic development is the harnessing of human, natural and financial resources in a way that increases (any or all of)

This is usually measured in some jurisdiction and performance tends to be relative to other similar jurisdictions.

It is often used specifically in real estate, as in "to develop a property", or in international terms, meaning the overall "economic progress" of a nation.

The term development implicitly assumes that land not used by humans is not serving any other purpose, though enviromentalists have shown that "undeveloped" land is often providing nature's services such as carbon sequestration or preserving water quality. See natural capital for an analysis.

The appropriation of significant percentages of the world's surface for the human economy has been identified as a significant factor in the global ecology crisis, in part due to capital losses as infrastructural capital has been over-developed and natural capital depleted to extract natural resources.

So-called "sustainable development" is the activity that does not deplete natural capital.

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