developing nation

A developing nation is one that has a low quality of life and standard of living signalled by a variety of criteria. Some consider India and China to be such developing nations, others put them on a middle tier as G20 nations that are not developed nations yet but have similar structures and infrastructures now in place.

An objective definition is that the price of life is low in these nations, that government will pay much less on average to attempt to save a life than it will in one of the developed nations.

To research development issues is difficult and complex and necessarily relies on a great deal of input from others. Perspectives vary but HIV/AIDS, overpopulation, absolute poverty, water pollution, deforestation and genocide are all major issues that characterize developing nations today.

The most influential institutions may be the UN, IMF and the World Bank. The Development as Freedom model of Amartya Sen was endorsed at the World Bank, but now under Paul Wolfowitz its future is in doubt. The IMF was largely discredited in Argentina in the 1990s. These Bretton Woods institutions, plus the WTO, are now being questioned by monetary reform advocates.