In Open Politics, derogatory remarks are references to a person, place or thing (including a position or an argument) in a way which disparages, belittles, or diminishes that person place or thing.

Derogatory remarks are primarily distinguised by their use of rhetoric rather than reason, and editors are requested to edit or remove them at speed.

borderline derogatory is contnent in which an editor's bias reveals itself in the context of presenting reasonable arguments or positions, and could conceivably be rephrased more politely. These should be edited promptly, or if the editor lacks time to do so, a derogatory content notice should be placed on the page.

eg. This idiotic position is based on a misunderstanding of the laws of physics.

can be rephrased as:

This position may be based on a misunderstanding of the laws of physics.

blatantly derogatory content, which is beyond salvaging, can be removed immediately.

This position should be crumpled up and pee'd on.

can be summarily deleted from the page.

see: terms of use, editor guidelines.